Don't you hate when you watch Titanic and:

  • you know what happens, yet you keep telling yourself the ship won't sink
  • you hear I'll never let go and Rose lets Jack sink to the ocean floor (or not, depending on what he hits) and you're like WTH?!?!
  • you stare at the TV after Rose throws the Heart of the Ocean into the ocean (again, WTH?!?!)
    • and also giggle when she gasps as she throws it :)
  • you roll your eyes when Rose closes her eyes as she swings the axe, and the "power of love" saves Jack's arm from dire mutilation
and on a more serious note:
  • cry at the end when you see everyone smiling at the camera *ahem- Rose* as she goes up "the Stairway to Heaven" to be with Jack

Whew... I know I hate that.

  • These were just some thoughts/thingies that made me giggle about the movie, but I do NOT, in any way, wish to disrespect the movie or the actual event. It is my alltime fave movie and I could not even begin to imagine what the passengers went through that fateful night. If I have offended anyone, I apologize. Or, if this made you giggle, then I like you; you have a good sense of humor. :P Thanks for taking the time to read my lame thoughts.
God bless,
Wwegirl14 (talk) 05:32, September 23, 2012 (UTC)
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