What was your first thoughts watching Titanic? Did you start from the beginning or was it on live tv and watched the ending first (like me)? The first time I watched it was a little over three months ago. My dad had just turned on the tv and said, "Oh cool! Titanics on!" I asked, "What's Titanic?" He replied, "Oh you'll love it." Because its a love story and I love lovestories for some reason. Don't ask. Any way, it was at the part where Jack had just been accused of stealing the Heart Of the Ocean (stupid Cal). I remember thinking as Rose jumped off the Life boat to go to Jack, Yeah Rose! Go get your man! Anyone else think that? No, just me? Okay. When it got to Jack's death scene (whimper) my youngest sister asked, "Is he dead?" And I replied, "No. He can't be. They wouldn't do that to a main character." Little did I know that I was wrong. I was so sad. The next day we watched the whole movie and that's when I fell in love with it. So yeah! Let me know your stories! I would love to know!

Bye everyone!

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