Hey everybody. I noticed that this wiki is sort of dead and the founder seems to have left now. I don't think any bureaucrats are active here either or even admins. I would like to step in and offer help but also say that I would love to take over as admin and bureaucrat position. I know my way around wiki since I have been editing them since 2008. I am also the admin of Degrassi Wiki and an editor on Disney Wiki. Anyways, please comment and tell me who you would want to be the next admin on here. Remember you must have an account to be an administrator. Thank you!

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In recent updates, I put up an adoption request on community central and the staff told me to ask other recently active users who they would want as the admin/bureaucrat. I have asked 4 other users, including this wikis old admin and even the departed founder. Everyone has supported the idea and told me to go for it so now all we have to do is wait for the community to respond on my recent update and we'll see what happens. Let's hope the wiki will be adopted very soon.

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In another update, the wikia staff from community central have awarded me bureaucrat rights as of May 1, 2012. I am now currently the main admin here. I am working on making a new background. My friend Natalie helped me make the logo and favicon, so those projects are done. I also created new infoboxes and will be working on more for actor pages and such. I am also working on expanding and heavily cleaning up character pages, as most of them need a lot of organizing. Please contact me for help on any wiki project you wish to start or continue via my talk page. Thanks!

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