Page 1 of the song's sheet music.

"Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave" is a song written and composed by James Horner, featured in the film, and on the film's soundtrack. It is used to express Rose DeWitt Bukater’s feelings of wanting to be with Jack Dawson but at the same time neglecting him and giving into her mother's cruel orders, forbidding them from seeing one another. As such, it plays when Rose jumps back onto the Titanic despite Caledon Hockley and Jack making her get on a lifeboat. The first page of sheet music for the cue is on the right. It should be noted that in the film, the Uilleann bagpipes are removed from the audio mix.

Another version of the song heard at the end of the film just before the ending credits features a flute solo at the end, replacing the action-packed passage. This version is called "Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave - New Ending" but it remains unreleased.