Trudy Bolt
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Biological Information
Full name

Trudy Bolt




Possibly 1880s


April 15th, 1912


Perished on the Titanic

Background Information


Titanic Statistics

Southampton, England


New York, U.S.A.


Maid for the DeWitt Bukater family


First Class maid


Slid off the ship's stern as it rose diagonally into the air


Fictional character


Amy Gaipa

Trudy Bolt served as the DeWitt Bukater Hockley family's maid aboard the RMS Titanic. She was also a good friend to Rose DeWitt Bukater and one of the only people who understood that Rose did not want to live the life she had. She was portrayed by Amy Gaipa.Trudy slid to her death as the ship's stern rose into the air on April 15, 1912.

Character History[edit | edit source]

Boarding the Titanic[edit | edit source]

She first appeared in the boarding scene at Southampton carrying Rose's things behind her. She appeared again in Rose's cabin taking her paintings out of their storage. When Rose looked to a Picasso drawing, Trudy asked the artist's name and Rose answered "something Picasso". Some seconds later Rose and Trudy enter her bedroom. Trudy there told Rose that she would be the first to use the sheets of the cabins. Caledon then appeared and commented when he got into the sheets later he'd still be the first and Trudy left uncomfortably.

When Rose's fiance, Cal Hockley, discovered that Rose attended a third-class party with Jack Dawson, he confronted Rose at breakfast and ended up flipping over the breakfast table before leaving. Upon entering the room, Trudy helped frantic Rose pick up the remains of the table, assuring her that everything will be alright. In the next scene, Trudy began lacing up Rose's corset, when Rose's mother Ruth entered the room, ordered Trudy to make tea and took over the corset lacing.

Death and sinking of Titanic[edit | edit source]

When news got around that the Titanic was sinking, Rose, Ruth, Cal, Trudy and another unnamed maid headed for the boat deck through the First-Class staircase. Ruth asked Trudy to turn on the heaters in her stateroom for tea (unaware of the severity of the situation). Trudy complied, and handed Ruth a fur pelt and a lifebelt before leaving with the other maid. By the time Trudy realized how serious the situation was, all the lifeboats had been launched and she remained trapped onboard the ship.

Trudy died during the Titanic's sinking. Before the ship started to split Trudy is shown holding onto a man's hand, letting go and sliding down with the rest of Titanic's victims. It is unknown if she survived the fall and later died of hypothermia or just simply died from impact.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

84 years later, Rose is seen to pass away/be dreaming on board the Keldysh. She is seen rejoining the Titanic whereupon all the people who passed away during the sinking were waiting for her. Trudy was one of the first seen in the Grand Staircase. She was also the closest to Rose and Jack and applauded when they kissed for the first time in 84 years.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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