Within the film, Titanic, there were deleted scenes, totalling up to 29. While not in the orig Hal screening DVd, the scenes were later included in the 2012 DVD Special Edition.

List of deleted scenes[edit | edit source]

The scenes are:

  • "I'll be the First"
  • Rose Feels Trapped
  • Brock's Dilemma
  • Down to 3rd Class
  • Rose's Dreams
  • "Come Josephine"
  • The Gymnasium
  • Sneaking into 1st Class
  • Extended Chase
  • Boiler Room Kiss
  • Wireless/Californian
  • Hey, Sonny, How 'bout a Little Ice?
  • Playing with Ice
  • The First S.O.S
  • Irish Hospitality
  • Molly Takes Charge
  • Mr. Ismay Panics
  • Boat 6 Won't Return
  • 1st Class prepares to leave
  • Release the Hounds
  • Ida and Isidor Straus
  • Fabrizio and Helga
  • Astor and Guggenheim
  • Jack fights Lovejoy
  • "I'm not going"
  • Cartmell family's death
  • Extended in the Water
  • Rescue of Chinese Man
  • Extended Carpathia
  • Alternate Ending
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