Father Byles

Byles reciting Hail Mary before the ship breaks in two.

Father Thomas Byles was a Catholic priest and a second-class passenger on the RMS Titanic.

Byles conducted church sessions for those on board. He stayed behind on the Titanic after she began sinking, though he was technically entitled to a lifeboat seat; refusing twice.

Byles was last seen reciting prayers from the Hail Mary passage and giving final consolation to passengers left stranded on the Titanic's stern after all the lifeboats were gone.

Although it is never seen on-screen, he and many of those who joined him for the religious ceremony at the stern died when the ship split and rose vertically in to the air.

He was portrayed by James Lancaster. He was also notably one of the only second class passengers portrayed in the film, along with Titanic's Orchestra leader, Wallace Hartley.

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