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Paul Brightwell
Biographical information
Full name: Paul Brightwell
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1986–present

Paul Brightwell is an English actor. He has acted in many different films and TV shows since the late 1980s.

Career[edit | edit source]

Brightwell's first main role was as Uriah Heep in the TV Series David Copperfield in 1986. He went on to have parts in popular films and shows, including Coronation Street.

One of Brightwell's most memorable roles was in James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster, Titanic, as Quartermaster Hichens, the crew member who was at the Ship's Wheel at the time of RMS Titanic's impact with the iceberg which sank it.

Brightwell has continued to act in many and varied parts, including guest starring in The Bill in a number of episodes. His longest recurring role is as DS Hall in popular TV series, The Commander, which he has played throughout the 2000s.

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