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Mr. Calvert
Biological Information
Full name

Mr. Calvert




Probably in 1890s


Unknown (before 1996)

Background Information

Ruth DeWitt Bukater
(mother-in-law; deceased)
Mr. DeWitt Bukater (father-in-law; deceased)

At least two children


Rose Calvert (wife)

Titanic Statistics

Fictional character



Mr. Calvert was a character mentioned in Titanic as being Rose DeWitt Bukater Dawson's husband. The reason he was not seen is because he died before 1996 and they only met after the sinking in 1912.

It can be safely assumed that Mr. Calvert and Rose had at least two children, due to Bodine's comments that she "punche[d] out a couple of kids." Given by a picture found in Rose's room, at least one of their children was a boy, who grew up to have a child of his own, Elizabeth Calvert.

Rose never told Mr. Calvert about Jack Dawson, who she was in love with all her life. It is unknown if Mr. Calvert also found out about the failed engagement to Rose and Caledon Hockley. Whatever her past loves, it would appear that from the way they looked in the photos together and from the way she spoke of him that Rose, even if she was still in love with Jack, she also loved her husband, especially since they were married until he passed away.

Mr. Calvert is present in one of Rose's pictures, displayed with their children, supporting Lewis Bodine's claim that Rose "punche[d] out a couple of kids".