Mark Lindsay Chapman
Biographical information
Birthdate: September 8, 1954
Birthplace: London, England, U.K.
Age: 59
Occupation: Actor
Marital status: Cheree Vandoren (divorced)

Mark Lindsay Chapman (born 8 September 1954 in London) is an English film and television actor.

His credits include: Max Headroom, Dallas (as Brett Lomax), Falcon Crest (as Charley St. James), Baywatch, Murder She Wrote, Lois and Clark, JAG, Charmed, Roland Burke in The Young and the Restless, Dr. Anton Arcane (1990–1993) in Swamp Thing, and Nick Hopewell in The Langoliers.

Chapman also portrayed Chief Officer Henry Wilde in James Cameron's 1997 film, Titanic.

A Paramount internal memo dated from 1987 has revealed that Chapman was once considered for the part of Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The similarity between his name and that of John Lennon's assassin (Mark David Chapman) prevented him in 1985 from playing Lennon in John and Yoko: A Love Story, a biographical film produced by NBC. The role went instead to Mark McGann. Chapman's real name surfaced when the story was published in Britain, and reporters began making inquiries about the actor, who was then working as a bricklayer with his father. He had changed his name when he joined Equity, because there was already a Mark Chapman in the union. However, he portrayed Lennon in Chapter 27, a film about Mark David Chapman, released in 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival.

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