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Thomas Andrews encouraging Lucy to put her lifebelt on.

Lucy was a stewardess who worked on the RMS Titanic.

Lucy helps the Bukaters with their buggets in the cabin after they have boarded.

When the Titanic begins sinking, builder Thomas Andrews begins urging people to put on their lifebelts and head to the boat deck. He runs into Lucy in a hallway, and tells her to put on her lifebelt, therefore setting a good example for the other passengers. She agrees to this.

Lucy appears once more before the Titanic sinks. She is among the many people present when Father Thomas Byles gave final consolations to those trapped on the stern when all the lifeboats are gone. She is last seen as the ship is rising vertically after breaking in half. She holds on desperately to the stern rail not far from the poop deck's docking bridge.

When First-Class passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater goes to Titanic Heaven at age 100, Lucy can be seen near the top of the Grand Staircase, indicating that she died. She claps when Rose and her lover Jack Dawson kiss.

FATE:Died of hypothermia

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Lucy is most likely based on Lucy Snape, one of the three female crew members aboard the Titanic who did not survive the sinking. She may also be inspired by real-life Titanic stewardess Violet Constance Jessop, who was given the same instructions (to set a good example for non-English speaking passengers). However, Jessop survived the sinking, and would go on to survive the sinking of Titanic's sister ship, HMHS Britannic.
  • The actress who played Lucy was uncredited.