Ruth and rose about to board boat 6

Lifeboat No. 6 was one of Titanic's twenty lifeboats aboard the ship when she sank. It was the most famous of Titanic's lifeboats as it carried Molly Brown, who tried and failed to hijack the craft in an attempt to rescue survivors in the water in the film, but succeeded in real life.

Titanic Sinking[edit | edit source]

Second officer Charles Lightoller launched Boat 6 at about 0:20 A.M. Boat 6 had twenty eight people with a full capacity of 65. Robert Hichens was put in charge of this boat. Among the passengers in the boat were Frederick Fleet, the lookout, Margaret Brown and Ruth DeWitt Bukater, who boarded immediately. Rose DeWitt Bukater was also about to board this boat (under her mother's demands) but she realized she couldn't leave Jack Dawson. She bid her mother goodbye and escaped from Cal's attempt to force her to stay, abandoning them both so she could be with (and rescue) Jack. Right after she left, the boat was launched to the freezing north Atlantic sea. Ruth calls back to her but she doesn't respond. Lifeboat 6 started to row away from Titanic and was soon at sea.

the real life boat 6

In a deleted scene, Molly Brown urged Hichens to go back to the ship, but he refused, saying they will be plunged if they do. Back on the ship, Captain Edward Smith and one of the officers see that the boat has enough room for more people. They yell for the boat to come back with Smith talking into a loudspeaker saying, "THIS IS THE CAPTAIN, COME BACK TO THE SHIP". The passengers row back but Hitchens tells them, "It's their lives now, not ours". He then yells, "Now I'm in charge in this boat. NOW ROW!". Smith says to the officer next to him "They're fools".

Molly and Ruth end up surviving on this boat. It was eventually found and tied up to Boat 16 after Titanic sank. It was one of the last to be rescued by the RMS Carpathia at 8:00 am.


Titanic Boat 6- Deleted scene

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the real disaster Brown asked Hichens to let the women row to help keep them warm. When he refused, she threatened to throw him overboard.
  • In the actual sinking Boat 6 played a large role and one of the most notable lifboats in Titanic's lifeboat, along with Lifeboat 14. Like her sisters, nothing remains now of Lifeboat 6.
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