James Moody
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Biological Information
Full name

James Paul Moody


Mr. Moody




August 21, 1887


April 15, 1912 (age 24)


Perished on Titanic

Background Information
Titanic Statistics

Belfast Ireland


New York, U.S.A.


Sixth officer




Died of hypothermia


Historical character


Edward Fletcher

James Paul Moody (born in North Yorkshire, England, 21 August 1887 – Atlantic Ocean, 15 April 1912) was the Sixth Officer of the RMS Titanic and the only junior officer of the ship to die in the disaster. He died at only 24 years old.

Character history[edit | edit source]

Moody during the final moments of the sinking.

He first appeared as the officer admitting steerage passengers Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi on board the ship only moments before it departed Southampton. He was later seen in the wheelhouse when Murdoch ordered him "All Ahead Full". Moody was also the officer who answered the call from the crow's nest, asking, "What do you see?" Fleet replied, "Iceberg, right ahead!"

After the collision, Moody was ordered to write the time of collision to ship's log. Later, he appeared in the chart room near Murdoch when Bride told Smith about Carpathia. He is later seen when Caledon Hockley bribes Murdoch for access to a lifeboat. When Cal was furiously going through the Wheelhouse, Moody attempted to stop him only to be knocked to one side. He was later seen with Murdoch, Wilde and crewmen as they attempt to fill Collapsible A. He was a witness to Murdoch's suicide. However, unlike Wilde, he does not try to intervene. He was last seen as the water rushes up on to the last two boats next to Wilde, who screamed for the crew to cut the falls on Collapsible Lifeboat A.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • In the movie, during the sinking, Moody was last seen near Collapsible Boat A, along with Murdoch and Wilde. After Murdoch commits suicide, Moody and Wilde tried freeing boat from the falls. However, after the sinking, only Wilde is in the water. This was caused by a hang in the screenplay. Originally in the script only Murdoch was near Collapsible A. Wilde later appeared in the water with a whistle as the movie depicts. In the script, Moody last appeared when Murdoch told him to note the time of collision in the log.
  • Sixth Officer Moody was portrayed by Edward Fletcher. Although Fletcher was an American actor, he used a North Yorkshire English accent to match the real life Moody's.

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