Irish girl.

Irish boy.

Two unnamed Irish children were third-class passengers who boarded on the RMS Titanic Liverpool in Southampton, England with their mother.

The children were portrayed by Reece P. Thompson III and Laramie Landis.

Biography[edit | edit source]

They were seen at the start of the film when Jack is looking for his and Fabrizio's stateroom. They cross past with their mother saying "To the left, darlings".

During the sinking, when all the third class passengers were locked up, the young boy asked his mother what they were doing, to which the mother comments to him that they were allowing the first class passengers to go first then they could go through. The pair were then told to be ready for when they do, to which the children acquiesced.

Later they went back to their stateroom and their mother told them a story, sending them to sleep, shortly before they drowned.

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