Elizabeth Calvert

Elizabeth Calvert
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Biological Information
Full name

Elizabeth Calvert






Unknown date

Background Information

Rose Calvert (grandmother)
Mr. Calvert (grandfather)
Ruth DeWitt Bukater
(great grandmother)
Mr. DeWitt Bukater (great grandfather)

Titanic Statistics

Fictional character


Suzy Amis

Elizabeth Calvert, also known as Lizzy, was a supporting character in the film Titanic. She was the granddaughter of Rose Calvert and Mr. Calvert. Her parents are neither seen in person nor mentioned. She cares for her elderly grandmother while living with her. Lizzy's birthday is unknown, but she was probably born in the 1960s.

She accompanied Rose in 1996 when she traveled to meet the treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team in the Keldysh who had recovered Caledon Hockley's, Rose's ex-fiance's, safe.

While there, she learned the story of her grandmother's voyage on the Titanic

Lizzy was very fond of her grandmother and also extremely protective of her, shown by how when two men on the Keldysh tried to wheel Rose to her room she flicked their hands off of the wheelchairs handles and did it herself.

Brock had a tendency to flirt with Lizzy at some points during the film. She said she was so sorry to him when her grandmother told him the story about Titanic and thus his two year expedition had been wasted. In the alternate ending, he asked her to dance with him.

In the film, she was portrayed by Suzy Amis.

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