Cal's Crying Girl was a third class Irish passenger traveling with her family. After she was separated from her family, she was saved by Caledon Hockley, during the sinking of the Titanic.

The girl was separated from her family before Cal found her. Cal finds her crying behind an electric winch on the starboard side boat deck just outside of the first class entrance. However, Caledon's rescue of her was not only out of part heroism, but also using her for his own interests to gain access to a lifeboat. The ship's crew forbade men to board unless they were in the company of children and not accompanied by a woman. This ultimately led to both of them surviving. However, once Cal had used the girl as his "boat pass", he felt no responsibility to learn her name or any other identifying factors about her. let alone seeing if she had any surviving family members or making plans to adopt her, instead unloading her onto a woman who was also on the lifeboat. The girl was later seen in a deleted scene carried by a woman on the Carpathia.

The girl briefly appeared in a deleted scene in Scotland Road on E Deck with her mother, father, sister and two brothers. Her mother urged the younger of the older brothers to hold her hand, at which the father also told the two siblings to stay together.

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