"A Building Panic" is a song composed by James Horner for the film Titanic, and is meant to score the sequence where third-class passengers become increasingly desperate to get into a lifeboat during the sinking. The cue opens with jittery strings, snare drums, and brass accents, leading into familiar material, some of which was released on the follow-up album Back to Titanic. It eventually culminates with pounding percussion as the ship's crew struggle to keep things under control. The opening is actually a standalone cue called "Intro to Building Panic", and panpipes and racing dulcimers open the larger cue.

It is also the sixth track on Back to Titanic, but here it is edited with elements of The Sinking and Trapped on 'D' Deck, creating a concert-like suite; and the cues are also truncated. On the 20th anniversary soundtrack, it can be found on disc three and is titled "A Building Panic (Album Suite)". The film version is on disc two of the 20th anniversary soundtrack.

In the final film, it is edited with the aforementioned introduction cue, as well as elements of "Trapped on 'D' Deck" and "Hard to Starboard".[citation needed]