Rose is amazed by Jack's drawings.

"You See People" is the ninth scene in Titanic. In it, Rose goes out in search of Jack to thank him for saving her. When she finds him, she takes a walk with him round the boat deck and thanks him and begins to speak to him about his and her lives when suddenly Jack asks her if she truly loves Cal. She is appalled by the fact that he would even ask her such a thing and they begin to argue (though it doesn't seem very serious). Then, Rose spots Jack's sketchbook and is amazed by his detailed drawings. She then remarks that Jack sees people. Jack responds by saying he sees her as well as saying she wouldn't have jumped. Jack and Rose spend the rest of the day together, ending when Jack is caught teaching Rose how to spit off of the side of the deck. Molly Brown takes Jack under her wing and lends him a tuxedo for his dinner with the first-class passengers.