Cal Hockley

Cal moments before lashing out at Rose

"They've Got You Trapped" is the twelfth scene in Titanic. In the scene, Rose and Cal are having breakfast when Cal asks why they did not do their usual routine (sleep together) the night before. (This was because she was at a party with Jack and did not want Cal to suspect anything when she returned.) Cal becomes enraged with her and throws their table to the ground, knocking everything off of it and making an enormous mess (which Rose's maid, Trudy Bolt ends up cleaning up). He threatens Rose and insists that, as his future wife, she honors him. She becomes terrified. Later that evening, Jack pulls Rose aside and tells her that she is trapped by Cal and Ruth, and that if she does not break free and live her life as she wishes, she will end up dying. Rose refuses to listen to Jack and returns to Cal's side