Rose tries to committ suicide before being saved by Jack Dawson.

  "You Jump I Jump") is the eighth scene in Titanic. It shows Rose DeWitt Bukater's failed attempt to committ suicide after she is stopped by Jack Dawson. Tired of her first-class life and having to live her life the way other people expect her to live it, Rose attempted to committ suicide by throwing herself off of the ship. Jack Dawson happened to be resting on a nearby chair when she ran past towards to bow of the ship. When he reached her, she had climbed over to the other side about to jump. Jack attempted to stop her. He told her that he had gone ice fishing in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (where he grew up) and had fallen into the water. He said it felt like "a thousand knives" stabbing you all at once. He told her that if she threw herself into that water that it would feel even worse than that, because it was a couple degrees below freezing. Jack finally convinced Rose to climb back to the other side, however, in her attempt, she slipped and fell. She was hanging from the ship, but Jack pulled her back up. When she climbed over the railing she fell on him and screamed. Members of the crew noticed and made Jack get up and stay where he was, believing that Jack was attempting to have sex with Rose (because of the way they were positioned on the ground). Cal, Rose's fiance, attempted to arrest him, but Rose saved Jack and told Cal that she was leaning over to see the propellers when she slipped and was saved by Jack. Cal rewarded Jack by allowing him to dine with the members of the first-class the following evening. Only Spicer Lovejoy, Cal's manservant, was not convinced that Rose's lie was true after he noticed that Jack had already taken off his coat and his boots, something that typically would not have been done.

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