"Find Her," (also referred to as "To the Stars"), is the fifteenth scene in Titanic. In it, Cal sends his manservant, Spicer Lovejoy, to search for Rose DeWitt Bukater, whom he cannot find anywhere on the ship. Lovejoy chases Rose and Jack Dawson through Titanic. They manage to evade him by going down one of the boiler rooms which leads them up into the ship's second cargo hold. The two come across
Jack and Rose love scene

Jack and Rose make love.

William Carter's Renault car and eventually make love for the first time in the backseat of it.

Meanwhile, Cal finds Rose's taunting note in his safe that she left for him, and, at the end of his rope, plots revenge against Jack to get rid of him. Following this, a boiler room worker tells two stewards to search for Jack and Rose in the hold, but they have already gotten out of the Renault before the crew could get to them.

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