Rose and Jack dancing at the party.

"A Real Party" is the eleventh scene in Titanic. It shows Jack Dawson taking Rose DeWitt Bukater to a party that the crew is throwing. Many of the third-class passengers have joined in on the party. During the party (in which Jack invites Rose to in the previous scene, "The Snake Pit", by leaving a note in her hand), Rose has the opportunity to get to know Jack better, and she gets to meet his friends, Fabrizio and Tommy to which she challenges Tommy and some men saying "Lets see you do this." She then does a trick by standing on the very tips of her toes surprising them all. Fabrizio also gets to know his newfound lover, Helga Dahl, better. Rose has one of the most fun and best times of her life, because she is able to forget about the dreadful first-class life she must continue to live. She also has the opportunity to dance with Jack and shows that first glass girls can drink.